Threat to Your Green Belt Remains

Updated: Jul 1

Stockport Council opted out of GMSF in December 2020, but the remaining nine authorities in Greater Manchester are continuing to develop a very similar joint plan for the nine boroughs, which has been named Places for Everyone.

Adjustments have been necessary now that Stockport is not included, but we have strong reasons to believe that the sites for development in Green Belt proposed in the 2020 version of GMSF will remain in Places for Everyone. The threat has not gone away!

GMCA formed a new joint committee of representatives of the nine councils and work is currently underway to prepare the adjusted plan. We understand that, like GMSF, it will be an overarching plan, providing the overall strategy for development in Greater Manchester and will designate the sites for development in Green Belt. It will be followed by updated Local Plans being developed by each of the nine Local Authorities, which will provide the detailed policies for each borough to guide development and the criteria for decisions on planning applications. Stockport Council is also updating its Local Plan.

It is expected that Places for Everyone and all the revised supporting documents will be published this summer. Keep watching this website because we will post a note to alert you when these are available to view.

The Places for Everyone plan will need to be approved by each of the nine full councils before it can proceed. If approved, it will go forward for public consultation and then Public Examination by a panel of Planning Inspectors. The Examination will assess whether the plan is “sound”. This is a technical planning term and we will post a translation into lay language in future news on this website to help you.

At this final stage in the process of plan preparation, responses to the consultation will need to be focussed on whether the plan is sound, in order to be taken into account by the Planning Inspectors. We will provide advice on how to address the soundness of the Plan in your responses when we get to the consultation stage, which is expected later in this summer.

SGMGB has engaged planning consultants who have analysed the current evidence supporting GMSF and will help us to construct a response to the consultation on Places for Everyone and the updated evidence, which challenges the soundness of the plan. GMCA officers are liaising with members of the SGMGB management committee, aiming to make the forthcoming consultation as accessible and user-friendly as possible. We continue to campaign against Green Belt loss by lobbying our local councillors and MPs and interacting nationally with other Green Belt campaign groups.

The SGMGB Management Committee


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