Green Belt loss proposed in Places for Everyone (PfE)

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The PfE documents have been published

The PfE plan (formerly GMSF) and supporting documents have been published and can be found here. They were presented to a joint committee of the nine Greater Manchester boroughs that support it (1).

If the nine councils approve, the plan will go forward for public consultation, which is expected to begin in early August and run for 8 weeks.

PfE has been derived from GMSF and proposes a total loss of 1,754 hectares (4,344 acres) of Green Belt for development. (2)

You now have an opportunity to look at the plan and supporting evidence before the formal consultation begins. The next stages in the process are aimed at public Examination by a panel of Planning Inspectors who will assess whether the plan is “sound”. Soundness is a technical planning term that in lay terms means:

· Is the strategy appropriate for Greater Manchester and your locality?

· Have all alternatives been taken into account?

· Are the proposals supported by evidence?

· Can the proposal be achieved?

· Can the proposals be achieved in the timescale required?

· Will the proposals avoid damage to the environment and climate, and allow the quality of life for future generations to be maintained?

There is a huge amount of information to absorb, but as you browse bear those points in mind in preparation for your formal response to the consultation.

Please note that only responses which address the soundness of the plan will carry any weight with the Planning Inspectors at the Examination.

1. Stockport Council withdrew from GMSF in December 2020 and the nine remaining Greater Manchester councils voted to prepare a joint development plan for the nine boroughs (Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Manchester, Rochdale, Salford, Tameside, Trafford, Wigan), which was named Places for Everyone.

2. To get an idea of how big an area 1754 hectares represents, try to visualise over 2,400 football pitches, such as Old Trafford or the Etihad Stadium.

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